Scam advisory

Scam Alert #1: Buy insurance to get a loan:
Did you receive a call asking you to buy “insurance” in order to get a loan? It is a scam.
We do NOT call consumers asking for any sort of “insurance”.
We do NOT make outbound calls to consumers, period.
We do NOT issue loans but instead will attempt to connect you with a lender who could issue you a loan. This connection service is FREE to consumers.
We do NOT charge consumers any fees.
Anyone calling you on the phone who says otherwise, are not employees or agents of PockBox, please don’t send them money.

Scam Alert #2: SMS messages about pre-approval:
Did you receive a text message or SMS telling you that you’ve been pre-approved? Please report it to us!
We do NOT send out SMS or text messages to consumers.
We attempt to connect consumers with a lender who could issue you a loan. Because we are not lenders ourselves, we are unable to pre-approve anyone.
Anyone sending you SMS or text does so without our permission and against our terms & conditions.

Scam Alert #3: Phantom Debt Collection Alert:
Please be advised, there are fake debt collection rings operating from India who are attempting to collect phantom debts from consumers.
PockBox does not make loans to consumers, instead we attempt to connect consumers with lenders who may offer them a loan.
You will have no debts with us.
One such scam case was stopped by FTC, you can read about it here:
If you have feel like you have been a victim of fraud conducted by a lender, contact your local authorities right away. You can also report the fraud here:
Whenever you get a call attempting to collect on a debt, please know that you have rights. Do not disclose any information to the caller and ask for as many details as you can. You can read about your rights in regards to debt collection here: